4 Key Aspects of Boiler Maintenance


Boilers are an important part of most power plants and other types of industrial facilities, from petrochemicals to food refining. Boilers are closed vessels that produce specific levels of steam with low or high pressure. They are also used to heat water. They are sensitive pieces of equipment that must be maintained to keep them working properly and safely.

Here are four ways to keep industrial boilers safe and efficient.

1. Check water quality.

Boiler operations can be affected by scale buildup from water. Since boilers produce steam, they must be carefully and regularly maintained. Steam is a potentially dangerous force, and poor upkeep can not only damage the boiler but put everyone in its vicinity at risk. Deaerators remove dissolved carbon dioxide and oxygen from the feedwater flowing into the boiler to help prevent corrosion. There are several models, but a tray type deaerator is considered the most effective.

2. Look for insulation problems.

Check insulation routinely on valves, fittings, and pipes that carry steam and condensate. If you see any cracks, repair the insulation right away. This is an important part of routine boiler maintenance.

3. Check pipes.

Just as you do not want cracks in pipe insulation, make sure the pipes themselves are in good condition. Look for corrosion, damage, cracks, and leaks on the body of the boiler as well as pipes. As part of routine maintenance, perform a boiler blowdown. Even though this procedure, which blows water from the boiler with steam pressure, may be considered inefficient, it is an important step that can prolong the boiler’s lifespan.

4. Clean your boiler.

Regular boiler cleanings remove scale, soot, and other residues. Annual cleanings make a big difference in your boiler’s efficiency over time.

Boilers are high-powered steam makers, and as such, they need routine maintenance to maintain their efficiency and keep them safe. Careful inspections and timely repairs and cleaning can extend the life of a boiler. With such an important piece of equipment, regular upkeep makes good business sense.

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