Commodyx Inc! Best Stakeholder in Oil Market


Commodyx Inc. Natural Resources is a subsidiary of large stakeholders in markets such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, asphalt, heavy machinery and other specialty products. The company headquarters is located in New York, NY.

The company’s vision is to provide reliable sources of mid-scale fuel commodity projects to the international energy market. Commodyx relationships and efficiency practices are 30% better and their capital cost is half that of others. The companies contracted refineries have 443,000 barrels per day of crude oil processing capacity.

Commodyx continues to expand its global footprint, focusing on markets in Asia, Africa, the Americas and Australia. The company has invested significantly in the latest technology to drive forward integration and on leveraging synergies between businesses. It also focuses on in-house research and innovation to be a low-cost manufacturer with high-quality products and innovative customer offerings.


Commodyx offers a wide portfolio of services that cater to diverse sectors including but not limited to mining, infrastructure, petroleum refineries, energy production, telecom, and heavy equipment.

Commodyx is an integrated logistics solution provider with a presence in sea transportation, logistics and oilfield services. The company currently has access to a fleet of over a dozen vessels, ships and cargo planes.


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